Why snow tyres tracks are the most important type of winter testing

Snow tracks

The wheels are the only direct contact points between a vehicle and the outside world. Their performance has a huge impact on the overall behaviour of the whole vehicle. The tyres are the most commonly associated factor with driving in the winter, on icy or snowy roads. 

Snow tires tracks are therefore one of the most important, if not THE most important, type of winter testing activity. 

The importance of authentic testing

Aside from car manufacturers and OEMs, world-leading tire manufacturers flood the Winter Test Region during the winter season to perform vehicle winter testing on their upcoming products. Authenticity in a real-world environment is crucial to test wheels to their limit. It’s a crucial part of the development process simply because a tire’s properties cannot be fully optimized solely through computer modeling. 

You won’t be able to find the performance limits of a tyre inside a computer, rather through relentless and thorough exposure to the natural elements at the Arctic Circle using snow tyres tracks for testing. Because if a tyre can perform well up there, it will be able to do it anywhere!

The importance of tyre testing

It’s all about guaranteeing reliable and predictable winter tyres to give the driver confidence and peace of mind when out on the road even in the most difficult weather conditions. Tyre testing requires extreme precision on all stages, as repeatability is of utmost importance. The same test needs to be carried out under the exact same conditions many times over to yield reliable and comparable results.

For this reason, the snow tyres tracks need to be tailored to the very specific request for each test. It’s not something you can do in the backyard of your factory. It takes serious experience and know-how to achieve this.

How tyres are tested

As tyres are without a doubt one of the most important components for any vehicle, rigorous vehicle winter testing is required covering the complete spectrum of performance. This includes:

  • Traction on different surfaces such as ice and snow
  • Cold resistance of the rubber – how low temperatures can it withstand?
  • Durability and endurance of the tyres when driving in wintry environments
  • Rolling resistance
  • …and much more

Snow tyres tracks for winter testing

As mentioned, authenticity is key. The best way to simulate a real-life situation is by using professionally constructed snow tires tracks. There are a plethora of companies up in the Winter Test Region offering both land-based and lake snow tires tracks to test your tires to their utmost limits.